[Bug 264657] security/libpwquality: broken python bindings

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2022 00:50:28 UTC

--- Comment #13 from alt2600@icloud.com ---
(In reply to Tobias C. Berner from comment #10)

I'll add two logs, one from ports, one from poudriere, same portstree is used
by both, same distfiles too. What you will notice in the staging area is the

in ports
PYTHONPATH is set to '' and seemingly messing up the installation to the
staging area. I have no idea where this is coming in from, I am not setting it
anywhere, and I cannot grep it out of ports/MK . seemingly this isn't set when
PACKAGE_BUILDING is set, as I believe is the default poudriere setting used by
the official repos, and I never changed this from the default setting of being
set in my builder. I think I have seen this behavior in the past once in a
while, but I cannot recall where and if it completely busted things for me or
not. Not even sure this is the root issue, but it is a glaring difference in
the staging logs. Its not in my user env, nor root's, I have no idea what is
bringing it in, and why its seemingly clean in poudriere but not from ports.
see line 351 of the ports build log where the deltas seem to appear

in poudriere this isn't seemingly being set by anything. and I apologize, I
tried to scrub the exotic name I use for my package builder system, and it
looks like its clean. it wouldn't be totally offensive, just slightly
potentially off putting to some.

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