[Bug 262853] textproc/libxslt and textproc/libxml2: circular dependencies when using CMake

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Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2022 10:00:40 UTC

Charlie Li <vishwin@freebsd.org> changed:

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--- Comment #14 from Charlie Li <vishwin@freebsd.org> ---
Progress on the libpsl PR is irrelevant here. While libpsl was an easy way to
trigger the dependency loop here, it was not the bigger issue that myself and
others eventually concluded. libpsl's man pages are libpsl's problem and not
libxslt's unless libxslt fails to generate them properly (which is not the
case). Therefore having this PR depend on that one is inaccurate.

Switching this port (and {,py-}libxml2 for that matter) to CMake was a bad
idea, entirely needless and should have never passed the first smoke test.
Upstream have made it clear that "GNU Autotools will stay as canonical build
system for libxml2 on UNIX platforms" and "yes, the same applies to libxslt."
Having multiple build systems available does not in any way mean use your
personal preference at all costs, but rather consider upstream's wishes and the
state of the ecosystem, particularly our ports ecosystem. While I am personally
not an autotools fan by any means, changing to CMake here (and {,py-}libxml2)
harmed our ports ecosystem by wasting CPU cycles (not least by PORTREVISION
bump-induced mass rebuilds) and people's time and sanity, particularly those
who do not consider themselves ports developers. Even though we all learnt (or
reinforced existing knowledge of) something, this was, again, completely and
utterly needless.

For the purposes of switching back to autotools, the action has been taken and
therefore this PR is closed.

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