amdgpu / freecad / blender 3D jumpy and slow

From: Tomasz CEDRO <>
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2022 00:39:09 UTC
Hello world :-)

I got into 3D casing design using FreeCAD and Blender. However 3D
graphics is extremely jumpy/laggy on rotate to the point it is barely
possible to work.

This does not happen in Godot Game Engine Editor which uses almost the
same window and 3D world navigation.. nor in Godot runtime games that
run in window.

The machine is FreeBSD 13-STABLE (built today) AMD FX 8230 32GB RAM
and AMDGPU RADEON RX580 (Xorg+DRM+amdgpu+modeset). It works fine as
standard desktop, GL Doom plays nice with no lags, movies and desktop
is smooth.

The only problem is with applications like Blender of FreeCAD. I have
tried different wm even twm, no change.

Can I tune FreeCAD / Blender / Xorg anyhow for smooth 3D?

Any hints welcome :-)