Does FreeBSD 13.1 support Radeon r7 m265

From: Riza Dindir <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2022 13:11:47 UTC
Hello All,

I do not know if this is the correct mailing list to ask this question...

I have a laptop that has two graphics devices with pci ids 0x1002
0x1309 (Kaveri [Radeon R6/R7 Graphics]) and 0x1002 0x6604 (Opal XT
[Radeon R7 M265/M365X/M465]).

I am thinking of installing freebsd 13.1 on my laptop. I am really
reluctant to install Debian or some other linux distro.

Currently I have netbsd but am using external wifi usb devices to
connect to the net and have tweaked the radeon driver to recognize my
kaveri integrated device to use it with an external monitor. Can not
adjust the brightness on my laptop screen also.

I burned the memory image on a USB (FreeBSD 13.1) and the installer
recognized my wifi card. Could also connect to my network by going to
the shell and setting up the wpa_supplicant and rc.conf. I do not know
if this is ok, but trying to see if FreeBSD 13.1 will prove to be
problematic on my laptop.

But I am not sure if it recognized my graphics card. Although I can
see my card(s) in the pci list with pciconf. The installer uses a
framebuffer like device I believe.

Does FreeBSD 13.1 support the radeon r7 m265 graphics card?

Is there a way to be sure that the card is recognized and I can use
both the devices using the installer? Meaning when I boot the
installer image, and fall back to the shell, is it possible to
identify if the graphics devices were or will be recognized.

Kind Regards