maintainer-feedback requested: [Bug 259156] converters/fribidi: Update to 1.0.11

From: <>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2021 20:49:59 UTC
Bugzilla Automation <> has asked freebsd-desktop (Team)
<> for maintainer-feedback:
Bug 259156: converters/fribidi: Update to 1.0.11

--- Description ---
Update fribidi to 1.0.11
Enable OPTIMIZED_CFLAGS (-O3 from upstream), some tests are ~10% faster on my
Intel I7-3770K CPU
Connect upstream's test suite to ports

Compile and tested on FreeBSD 13.0-STABLE #0 stable/13-n246086-a20c597c6d7
(amd64) (make, make check-plist, make test)
Poudriere testport OK 12.2-RELEASE (amd64)