Re: /usr/ports/lang/mono6.8 install error | checking for GL/gl.h... no | cairo's OpenGL surface backend feature could be enabled... no (gl.pc nor OpenGL headers not found)

From: Evgeniy Khramtsov via desktop <>
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2021 02:00:26 +0300
Sorry, TL;DR the whole mail.

Your problem is likely related due to absence of libGL due to global
X11=off. gl.pc is libGL pkg-config file, and libGL requires X11 symbols
to build. You likely do not need OPENGL and XCB for a headless setup,
try to add the following to make.conf:

graphics_cairo_UNSET+= OPENGL XCB

Also see bug 256180:

No idea if this mail will reach you (absence of AAAA RR for your MX),
though desktop mailing list should CC you this mail.
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