maintainer-approval requested: [Bug 256336] textproc/py-gi-docgen: hard-coded /usr/local : [Attachment 225453] [patch] fix hard-coded /usr/local

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Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2021 14:43:25 +0000
John Hein <> has asked freebsd-desktop (Team)
<> for maintainer-approval:
Bug 256336: textproc/py-gi-docgen: hard-coded /usr/local

Attachment 225453: [patch] fix hard-coded /usr/local

--- Comment #1 from John Hein <> ---
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[patch] fix hard-coded /usr/local

Don't hard code the default search path with "/usr/local" - use LOCALBASE.

This patch bumps PORTREVISION.	This patch will not change the default packages
where LOCALBASE = /usr/local, so that bump is at the committer's discretion.  I
suggest it should be bumped - if someone has already installed a py-gi-docgen,
but is failing the pango build because of a non-default LOCALBASE, it would
help to bump PORTREVISION.  In other words, this change does not directly fix a
build error with the py-gi-docgen port, but rather a separate port that depends
on py-gi-docgen.  So bumping PORTREVISION is a good idea.
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