Move the Handbook into source tree

From: Mehmet Erol Sanliturk <>
Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2021 07:01:11 UTC
Dear All ,

in many of my messages to FreeBSD mailing lists I am mentioning the
following view :

  "Please move the Handbook into source tree , and
   Maintain it with respect to current release without mixing sliding
releases : If you do this ,
   maintenance of a correct Handbook is IMPOSSIBLE because maintenance of
   associated IF statements about releases .

When we look at the following web pages , we see the following :
FreeBSD Manual Pages

In the second box of  "All sections" line , there are lines about all of
the FreeBSD releases
with many more other systems .

In spite of this , in the following page :
FreeBSD Handbook
The FreeBSD Documentation Project


Welcome to FreeBSD! This handbook covers the installation and day to day
use of
FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE, FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE and FreeBSD 11.4-RELEASE. ...

A Handbook which ( for me , exactly , for the others , perhaps  ) with many
errors ...

I think that , it is NOT extraordinarily a difficult process to move the
Handbook into source
tree and maintaining it with respect to per release and insert into the
above web page a part
similar to the manual pages to display the requested Handbook with respect
to releases .
In the present case , previous handbooks are lost , because of the
difficulty of finding them .

Thank you very much and my best wishes for you and humanity in these
pandemic days ...

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk