Install to ZFS root is using device names hence failing when device tree is changed.

From: Karel Gardas <>
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2021 19:57:31 +0200

just installed 14-current snapshot from 2.9. on uefi amd64 machine. 
Installed from USB memstick which was detected as da0 into the ssd 
hanging on usb3 in external enclosure which was detected as da1.

ZFS root pool is then using /dev/da1p3 as swap and /dev/da1p1 as 
/boot/efi and probably also something as root zpool.

Anyway, expected thing happen. When I pulled out USB stick identified as 
da0 on reboot, the drive on USB3 switch from da1 to da0 and result is 
unbootable system with complains about various /dev/da1xx drives missing 
for swap efi boot etc.

Would be great if ZFS root install was using kind of device uuids or 
serial numbers or so so such device change would not disrupt freebsd 
from running correctly.

Received on Mon Sep 06 2021 - 17:57:31 UTC

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