Call for participation

From: Warner Losh <>
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2021 14:43:21 UTC

As teased on twitter, now that summer is over, it's a good time to start
working on the next steps with git. When we moved to git, we knew a number
of things would come in phase 2 since phase 1 was limited to moving away
from subversion and to git.

Now's the time for phase 2. The deferred items included better CI
pipelines, better integration with popular hosting sites like github and
gitlab, a look at the tools we have today and how they fit together, and a
bunch of other items that were less well defined. I've spent the last
several months looking at the different practices in open source,
looking at our tools, etc. We have bits and pieces of many of these items,
but are missing some glue between what we have. Other areas need more
extensive work.

To coordinate this work, I'll be leading a team to look at what we can do
in the short term, the medium term and where we think we want to be in the
long term. I plan on having bi-weekly meetings to discuss different issues
that come up, to coordinate work and experiments and to give some structure
to encouragement for progress to be made.

This will be a collaborative effort between the developers and the user
community that contributes patches to any part of FreeBSD (the base, ports
and docs). If you are interested in participating, please drop me a line.
We'll have a core office hours to talk about this soon, and I'd like to
start discussions with those that are interested before hand, as well as
invite people to participate in the office hours. After that, we'll have a
kick off meeting that's open to everybody who can respectfully contribute.

Looking forward to hearing from you.