Re: What happen to mailing list archives?

From: Mark Millard via freebsd-current <>
Date: Sun, 06 Jun 2021 20:25:14 UTC
Baptiste Daroussin <> wrote on
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2021 10:53:49 +0200 :

> What has happended:
> plan A: we migrated everything off mailman/pipermail seamlessly with redirection
> and so on. We patched the new archiver to produce the same file names has
> pipermail
> Plan A worked fine up to a limit, there was plenty of hand edition in the past,
> we we decided to move to plan B which is what is happening now.
> Plan B: We keep a frozen version of the archives up to the migration date under
> the pipermail directory and have the new archives created in the archives
> directory.
> All the pipermail archives have been restored as they were. The new archives
> receives in their index a new link to point people to the pipermails archive if
> looking for older archives.
> this has been done a couple of hours ago (before Steve emails) during a window,
> of ~ 10 hours, the mailing lists which slow traffic aka the one which didn't
> received any email since the migration ended up with an empty "archives"
> directory (aka a 404), a file with explanation and redirection to pipermail has
> been installed there.
> Some work is still needed for the mailing lists which has been transformed as
> readonly, this will be done in the next couple of days

It is too bad that a reference to a "no examples yet"
month, such as, (at the time I write this):

does not show at least (Date view specific example):

	• Other periods:[ Previous, Date view ] [ List of Folders ]
	• Other: [ Actives mailing lists ] [ Archives from mailman's time ]

when there are prior months available in or show at least just:

	• Other: [ Actives mailing lists ] [ Archives from mailman's time ]

when no prior months are available there.

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