EFI boot partition overwritten

From: Thomas Laus <lausts_at_acm.org>
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2021 12:12:50 +0000

This is an issue for more than just CURRENT.  The 'usr/src/UPDATING'
file has the instructions for updating the ZFS bootblocks but not the
EFI partition.  I recently upgraded a RELEASE-12.2 to RELEASE-13.0.  The
freebsd-update procedure did not upgrade the ZFS bootblocks.  I forgot
that this PC was UEFI only and overwrote the first partition with the
gptzfsboot code.  That made my system un-bootable.  I found the recovery
procedure on one of the FreeBSD forums and was able to reformat the EFI
MSDOS partition, create the proper directory structure, and copy the
loader.efi file to the correct location and filename using the Live
Filesystem running on the installation CD.

I searched the man pages and the UPDATING file for instructions but came
up empty and had to resort to finding the answer on one of the forums.
The filenames have changed since FreeBSD first supported EFI and some of
the forum instructions are out of date.  My problem must be fairly
common and the recovery procedure should be in a man page with a
footnote or man reference somewhere on the install media.

Since CURRENT receives more updates to the EFI boot loader than the
release versions, there should be instructions in the CURRENT
'usr/src/UPDATING' file on how to update the EFI bootcode.


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