Re: RFC: Switching FreeBSD/EC2 images to UEFI boot

From: James Wright <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2021 14:49:25 +0100

On 29/08/2021 05:05, Colin Percival wrote:
> I don't have any data on instances launched outside of the AWS Marketplace.
> So, as I started this email saying: We have a decision to make and I'm
> looking for input from the community.  Faster booting, or support for older
> EC2 instance types in our published AMIs?

Hi Colin,

Here is what I currently run 24/7 on AWS with FreeBSD (non Marketplace AMI);

4 x t3a.nano (FreeBSD-12.2)
1 x t3a.micro (FreeBSD-12.2)

I try move to newer instance types where possible (and stable) as they generally offer the same or higher
performance for less cost. I haven't moved to FreeBSD-13 yet as I'm allowing time for any issues to be ironed
out, hopefully in 13.1 (such as that TSC timecounter fix).

Next move might be onto the t4g (Graviton/ARM) instances but haven't properly tested them yet.

I personally would prefer the faster booting with UEFI rather than supporting older instance types which will
eventually become obsolete anyway.

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