Re: RFC: Switching FreeBSD/EC2 images to UEFI boot

From: Rafal Lukawiecki via freebsd-cloud <>
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2021 12:30:23 +0100
> On 29 Aug 2021, at 05:05, Colin Percival <> wrote:
> We have a decision to make and I'm
> looking for input from the community.  Faster booting, or support for older
> EC2 instance types in our published AMIs?
> -- 
> Colin Percival

Thanks for asking, Colin. From my perspective, any improvement to boot times is highly welcome. I am not affected by the older/legacy instance types. I suspect that in the world of fast-changing cloud provisioning, and very much unlike in the world of real hardware, there would be less of a need to maintain support for older platforms. While it is important for FreeBSD to support older physical hardware, laptops, cards etc, I do not think that is as important for cloud platforms at all. However, I fully respect that others may have different perspectives, so please do not base your decision merely on mine.
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