maintainer-feedback requested: [Bug 258599] www/chromium: bad manpage

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Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2021 10:41:09 +0000
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Bug 258599: www/chromium: bad manpage

--- Description ---
>From the output of man chrome:
_at__at_PACKAGE_at__at_(1)			 USER COMMANDS			_at__at_PACKAGE_at__at_(1)

       _at__at_PACKAGE_at__at_ - the web browser from Google

       _at__at_PACKAGE_at__at_ [OPTION] [PATH|URL]

       See the Google Chrome help center for help on using the browser.


       This manpage only describes invocation, environment, and arguments.

       _at__at_MENUNAME_at__at_ has hundreds of undocumented command-line flags that are
       added and removed at the whim of the developers.  Here, we document
       relatively stable flags.

_at__at_MENUNAME_at__at_ and _at__at_PACKAGE_at__at_ should be replaced.
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