[Bug 258232] www/chromium not downloading but writing empty images.crdownload files

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Date: Sat, 04 Sep 2021 08:28:38 UTC

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--- Comment #8 from ice@extreme.hu ---
I am hit by a similar issue, but the cause is apparently very different.

91.0.4472.164 was fine, the problems started with 92-something, as far as I

One might call my setup a bit awkward:

/tmp is a separate ZFS dataset, and this is what I have my 'download directory'
set to in Chromium
/usr/home is another ZFS dataset which is where the bulk of my home lives
however ~/.local is a symlink to a directory in yet another ZFS data set

This setup stopped working in about Chromium 92.

If I set my 'download directory' to ~/.local/, it starts working again.

It looks like Chromium wants to create a temp file in ~/.local/:

 14121 chrome   NAMI  "/home/ice/.local/share/.org.chromium.Chromium.A1I94j"

and then a bit later

 14121 chrome   NAMI  "/home/ice/.local/share/.org.chromium.Chromium.A1I94j"
 14121 chrome   NAMI  "/tmp/<finalname>.crdownload"
 14121 chrome   CALL  write(0x1d,0x7fffffffcd3f,0x1)
 14121 chrome   RET   rename -1 errno 18 Cross-device link

This made my try pointing Chromium to ~/.local/ as the download directory, and
this works (as far as Chromium is now able to produce an actual file).

To be honest this looks a bit odd - if there is a specific directory to
download files into, and Chromium is using rename to get to the final file name
from the temp file name, why is the temp file being created in a random
directory very distinctly not the same as the download directory?

That said, this all may be a red herring - the only thing certain is with this
filesystem setup and download dir set to /tmp, Chromium isn't downloading
things :)

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