[Bug 268699] vtnet: page faults under high bandwidth load

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Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2023 17:31:17 UTC

Shawn Anastasio <sanastasio@raptorengineering.com> changed:

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--- Comment #4 from Shawn Anastasio <sanastasio@raptorengineering.com> ---
I'm encountering this on powerpc64le as well, on -CURRENT.

Kernel page fault with the following non-sleepable locks held:
exclusive sleep mutex vtnet0-rx0 (vtnet0-rx0) r = 0 (0x8b0d180) locked @
stack backtrace:
#0 0xc00000000091a148 at witness_debugger+0x98
#1 0xc00000000091b920 at witness_warn+0x4b0
#2 0xc000000000e4fd1c at trap_pfault+0x26c
#3 0xc000000000e4f26c at trap+0x12c
#4 0xc000000000e424ac at powerpc_interrupt+0x1cc

fatal kernel trap:

   exception       = 0x300 (data storage interrupt)
   virtual address = 0xdeadc0dedeadc0e8
   dsisr           = 0x40000000
   srr0            = 0xc0000000006be608 (0x6be608)
   srr1            = 0x8000000000009033
   current msr     = 0x8000000000009033
   lr              = 0xc0000000006be5a0 (0x6be5a0)
   frame           = 0xc00800006f53a240
   curthread       = 0xc00800006e4f7b40
          pid = 12, comm = irq4611: ++

panic: data storage interrupt trap
cpuid = 5
time = 1696974442
KDB: stack backtrace:
0xc00800006f539d30: at kdb_backtrace+0x60
0xc00800006f539e40: at vpanic+0x1b8
0xc00800006f539ef0: at panic+0x44
0xc00800006f539f20: at trap_fatal+0xc4
0xc00800006f539fa0: at trap_pfault+0x280
0xc00800006f53a050: at trap+0x12c
0xc00800006f53a180: at powerpc_interrupt+0x1cc
0xc00800006f53a210: kernel DSI read trap @ 0xdeadc0dedeadc0e8 by
vtnet_rxq_eof+0x188: srr1=0x8000000000009033
            r1=0xc00800006f53a4c0 cr=0x42400c00 xer=0 ctr=0xc00000000084cfa4
r2=0xc000000001735000 sr=0x40000000 frame=0xc00800006f53a240
0xc00800006f53a4c0: at vtnet_rxq_eof+0x11c
0xc00800006f53a600: at vtnet_rx_vq_process+0xf4
0xc00800006f53a660: at virtqueue_intr+0x2c
0xc00800006f53a690: at vtpci_intx_intr+0x11c
0xc00800006f53a6d0: at ithread_loop+0x3d8
0xc00800006f53a820: at fork_exit+0xc4
0xc00800006f53a8c0: at fork_trampoline+0x18
0xc00800006f53a8f0: at -0x4
KDB: enter: panic
[ thread pid 12 tid 100550 ]
Stopped at      kdb_enter+0x70: ori     r0, r0, 0x0

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