[Bug 121396] [ata] 7.0 fails on mcp55 sata controller [regression]

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Date: Mon, 22 May 2023 16:27:12 UTC

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--- Comment #6 from Henryk Paluch <hpaluch@seznam.cz> ---
I can confirm this problem still exists in FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE. I found that
trivial patch (that just copies DMA quirks from ata-siliconimage.c fixes
problem for me.

What I observed so far:
- the corruption occurs on every SATA disk (tested SATA-1 Maxtor, SATA-2
Seagate, and SATA-2 WD) when connected to MCP55 SATA controller. In my case
on-board controllers on:

- K9N Platinum (MSI MS-7250)
- AMD X2 (dual-core CPU)

I have found that corruption does not occur if any conditions below are met:

1. Boot in "Safe mode" (where DMA is disabled, and PIO forced)
2. Use any other SATA controller - in my case even old SiI3112A (BIOS dated
3. Use above patch that just copies DMA quirks from ata-siliconimage.c

Not sure if there are still any users of such nVidia chipset (it was popular
around 2008).

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