[Bug 260160] zfs jailed: snapshots not accessible

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Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2023 12:23:37 UTC

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--- Comment #31 from Juan José Ivars Poquet <kr0m@alfaexploit.com> ---
(In reply to Jim Long from comment #30)

Using kernel13.2 I can manage dataset from jail, mount/snapshot it, but I can't
umount snapshots nor destroy snapshots.

I can manage snapshots of that dataset without problems from the physical host.

I have the following jail parameters:
exec.poststart = 'zfs jail PostgreSQL00 zroot/data_PostgreSQL00';

The dataset was created with the following commands:
zfs create -o mountpoint=/var/db/postgres/data15 -o canmount=noauto

And applied jail-friendly parameter:
zfs set jailed=on zroot/data_PostgreSQL00

If I try to umount it I get:
umount /var/db/postgres/data15/.zfs/snapshot/backup 
umount: unmount of /var/db/postgres/data15/.zfs/snapshot/backup failed:
Operation not permitted

If I try to destroy it I get:
zfs destroy zroot/data_PostgreSQL00@backup
cannot destroy snapshot zroot/data_PostgreSQL00@backup: dataset is busy

Am I doing anything wrong? Maybe its a bug?

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