[Bug 271895] route(8) shows Invalid argument on an i386 jail when setting the default route

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Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2023 17:25:52 UTC

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--- Comment #2 from Jamie Gritton <jamie@FreeBSD.org> ---
This mostly likely isn't a jail problem, just an 32-bit emulation problem. 
Have you tried running the i386 version of route(8) in the base system?  I'm
confident you would run into the same issue.

32-bit emulation on a 64-bit system is a matter of taking any information that
passes to the kernel, and cleaning it up so the data is in the form the kernel
expects.  It looks like the kernel routing code does this to a certain degree,
but it's not all there.  In particular, the data being written to the routing
socket that gives the route(8) error message you showed isn't cleaned up in
this way.  There's are some long ints that are 32 bits and that the kernel
needs to change to 64 bits.

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