[Bug 271826] FreeBSD is disastrously slow on a PowerMac G5, freezing at every command

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Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2023 00:54:24 UTC

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--- Comment #12 from drk <drkatthelake@yahoo.com> ---
In attempting to install FreeBSD on PPC I found that utilizing the 13.2 DVD iso
with a G5 1.8 Ghz single processor and Nvidia FX5200, the install was smooth
and rapid, working nicely in text mode (but no success on the graphic side).
Moving forward I attempted an install of 13.2 on my favored device, a G5 1.8
Ghz dual processor with an ATI 9600XT card, but the install was painfully
slow... marginal graphic support (card is "supported"). So not to be thwarted,
I pulled out my last remaining G5, an identical G5 dual 1.8 with the 9600 card
and attempted the same install... once again, the process was incredibly slow
with the same outcome observed as with the first dual. Just to confirm my
suspicion, I wiped the drive on the original G5 single processor and began an
install. Once again, with the single, the process was quick and smooth.  So
basically I found 13.2 very workable on a G5 single.  However, it has been my
experience and that of others that install on a multiprocessor PPC is
exceedingly challenging and as noted by opening poster renders 13.2 essentially
unusable on these devices.
Good news:  Swapping in a 9600Xt card into the G5 single has yielded fully
functional FreeBSD on PPC.
Bad news:  13.2 would currently seem to be a no go on the multiprocessor
Hopeful that this may addressed and remedied to some extent.
P.S.  all drives standard HDD.

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