[Bug 271945] panic: deadlres_td_sleep_q: possible deadlock detected for 0xfffffe0133324ac0 (stat), blocked for 1801328 ticks

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Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2023 23:41:04 UTC

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post-panic review of poudriere bulk results

(In reply to Cy Schubert from comment #2)

I think the common thread here is poudriere-bulk is running. …


IIRC I chose 8 (eight) jobs for the run of poudriere during which this crash


Dump header from device: /dev/ada0p2
  Architecture: amd64
  Architecture Version: 2
  Dump Length: 3278311424
  Blocksize: 512
  Compression: none
  Dumptime: 2023-07-18 21:11:54 +0100
  Hostname: mowa219-gjp4-8570p-freebsd
  Magic: FreeBSD Kernel Dump
  Version String: FreeBSD 14.0-CURRENT #0 main-n264150-c65845d0bb2d-dirty: Fri
Jul 14 07:11:27 BST 2023
  Panic String: deadlres_td_sleep_q: possible deadlock detected for
0xfffffe0120cb6c80 (LTO toml.54d28171-c), blocked for 1800979 ticks

  Dump Parity: 872214848
  Bounds: 9
  Dump Status: good


The bulk run began at 20:21 yesterday, with the dump timed at 21:11.

A post-panic review of the run (screenshot attached) suggests around twenty
minutes elapsed.

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