[Bug 268246] crash and panic using pfsync on 13.1-RELEASE

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2023 17:54:32 UTC

--- Comment #19 from jjasen@gmail.com ---
 bt of pfsync_defer_tmo edited and snipped
#8  0xffffffff82a595e4 in pfsync_defer_tmo (arg=0xfffff80480631500) at

 frame 8
#8  0xffffffff82a595e4 in pfsync_defer_tmo (arg=0xfffff80480631500) at
1823            CURVNET_SET(m->m_pkthdr.rcvif->if_vnet);
(kgdb) print arg
$1 = (void *) 0xfffff80480631500

info frame
Stack level 8, frame at 0xfffffe00dd8eadb0:
 rip = 0xffffffff82a595e4 in pfsync_defer_tmo
    saved rip = 0xffffffff80c4a14d
 called by frame at 0xfffffe00dd8eae50, caller of frame at 0xfffffe00dd8ead40
 source language c.
 Arglist at 0xfffffe00dd8eada0, args: arg=0xfffff80480631500
 Locals at 0xfffffe00dd8eada0, Previous frame's sp is 0xfffffe00dd8eadb0
 Saved registers:
  rbx at 0xfffffe00dd8ead78, rbp at 0xfffffe00dd8eada0, r12 at
0xfffffe00dd8ead80, r13 at 0xfffffe00dd8ead88,
  r14 at 0xfffffe00dd8ead90, r15 at 0xfffffe00dd8ead98, rip at

 info local
et = {et_link = {tqe_next = 0x0, tqe_prev = 0xfffffe00dd84aad8}, et_td =
0xfffffe00dd709720, et_section = {
    bucket = 1}, et_old_priority = 40 '('}
pd = 0xfffff80480631500
sc = <optimized out>
st = 0xfffff80210e29750
m = 0xfffff800a5176500
b = 0xfffffe0105bcc470
saved_vnet = 0x0

Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide from a 
pfsync_defer_tmo crashdump.

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