[Bug 268711] ports-mgmt/pkg pkg-update(8) and Electron-based applications fail when /tmp is from tmpmfs="YES" in rc.conf(5)

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Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2023 10:34:16 UTC

Graham Perrin <grahamperrin@freebsd.org> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |cy@FreeBSD.org,
                   |                            |glebius@FreeBSD.org,
                   |                            |ngie@FreeBSD.org,
                   |                            |pkg@FreeBSD.org,
                   |                            |rgrimes@FreeBSD.org,
                   |                            |se@FreeBSD.org
                URL|                            |https://cgit.freebsd.org/sr
                   |                            |c/tree/libexec/rc/rc.d/tmp
          Component|Individual Port(s)          |conf
            Version|Latest                      |CURRENT
           Assignee|pkg@FreeBSD.org             |bugs@FreeBSD.org
             Status|New                         |Open
            Product|Ports & Packages            |Base System
           See Also|                            |https://reviews.freebsd.org
                   |                            |/D28097,
                   |                            |https://reviews.freebsd.org
                   |                            |/D28209

--- Comment #2 from Graham Perrin <grahamperrin@freebsd.org> ---
Attention to rc.d/FILESYSTEMS and rc.d/tmp, in particular: 



Is it possible that /tmp is mounted too late to meet the direct, or indirect,
requirements of things such as pkg update? 

(This is a wild guess. I'm not a developer.)

CC: authors and approvers of D28097 and D28209, both of which were


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