[Bug 270981] update base system libcbor (to 0.10.2 or later)

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2023 15:38:31 UTC

            Bug ID: 270981
           Summary: update base system libcbor (to 0.10.2 or later)
           Product: Base System
           Version: CURRENT
          Hardware: Any
                OS: Any
            Status: New
          Severity: Affects Only Me
          Priority: ---
         Component: misc
          Assignee: bugs@FreeBSD.org
          Reporter: emaste@freebsd.org

base system libcbor is currently 0.8.0


0.10.2 (2023-01-31)
- [Fixed minor test bug causing failures for x86
Linux](https://github.com/PJK/libcbor/pull/266) (discovered by
  - Actual libcbor functionality not affected, bug was in the test suite
- [Made tests platform-independent](https://github.com/PJK/libcbor/pull/272)

0.10.1 (2022-12-30)
- [Fix a regression in `cbor_serialize_alloc` that caused serialization of
zero-length strings and bytestrings or byte/strings with zero-length chunks to
fail](https://github.com/PJK/libcbor/pull/260) (discovered by

0.10.0 (2022-12-29)
- Make the buffer_size optional in `cbor_serialize_alloc`
[[#205]](https://github.com/PJK/libcbor/pull/205) (by
- BREAKING: Improved half-float encoding for denormalized numbers.
[[#208]](https://github.com/PJK/libcbor/pull/208) (by
  - Denormalized half-floats will now preserve data in the mantissa
  - Note: Half-float NaNs still lose data
- BUILD BREAKING: Minimum CMake version is 3.0
[[#201]](https://github.com/PJK/libcbor/pull/201) (by
  - See https://repology.org/project/cmake/versions for support; the vast
majority of users should not be affected.
- Fix a potential memory leak when the allocator fails during array or map
decoding [[#224]](https://github.com/PJK/libcbor/pull/224) (by
- [Fix a memory leak when the allocator fails when adding chunks to indefinite
([discovered](https://github.com/PJK/libcbor/pull/228) by
- [Fix a memory leak when the allocator fails when adding chunks to indefinite
- Potentially BUILD BREAKING: [Add nodiscard attributes to most
  - **Warning**: This may cause new build warnings and (in rare cases,
depending on your configuration) errors
- BREAKING: [Fix `cbor_copy` leaking memory and creating invalid items when the
allocator fails](https://github.com/PJK/libcbor/pull/249).
  - Previously, the failures were not handled in the interface. Now,
`cbor_copy` may return `NULL` upon failure; clients should check the return
- [Fix `cbor_build_tag` illegal memory behavior when the allocator
- [Add a new `cbor_serialized_size`
- [Reworked `cbor_serialize_alloc` to allocate the exact amount of memory
necessary upfront](https://github.com/PJK/libcbor/pull/251)
  - This should significantly speed up `cbor_serialize_alloc` for large items
by avoiding multiple reallocation iterations
  - Clients should not use the return value of `cbor_serialize_alloc`. It may
be removed in the future.
- BUILD BREAKING: [Deprecate
  - `cbor_set_allocs` will always be enabled from now on
  - Note: The flag will be kept as a no-op triggering a warning when used for
one version and then removed completely

0.9.0 (2021-11-14)
- Improved pkg-config paths handling
[[#164]](https://github.com/PJK/libcbor/pull/164) (by
- Use explicit math.h linkage [[#170]](https://github.com/PJK/libcbor/pull/170)
- BREAKING: Fixed handling of items that exceed the host size_t range
    - Callbacks for bytestrings, strings, arrays, and maps use uint64_t instead
of size_t to allow handling of large items that exceed size_t even if size_t <
    - cbor_decode explicitly checks size to avoid overflows (previously broken,
potentially resulting in erroneous decoding on affected systems)
    - The change should be a noop for 64b systems
- Added a [Bazel](https://bazel.build/) build example
[[#196]](https://github.com/PJK/libcbor/pull/196) (by

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