[Bug 270903] Black screen and kernel crash after reboot

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Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2023 08:17:44 UTC

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Are you using the 5700G APU's integrated GPU or specifically only the NVidia

I had a very intermittent issue with my RTX 3060Ti & FreeBSD-13 Stable branch
some weeks ago. I track the more recent NVidia-driver for multiple testing &
noticed one or two of the more recent releases causing issues, where the GPU
would disappear from the PCIe bus for whatever reason... And the fans suddenly
spooling up along with black screen & no response from the machine.
Curiously, none of these issues presented themselves while using the exact same
machine with a GeForce 1030 GT installed.

Go to https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/drivers/unix/freebsd-x64-archive/ and try
one of the more recent 525.x driver releases. Ports/Packages is version

I can confirm 525.105.17, 525.105.01 & 530.41.03 work perfectly fine & without
even a single problem/hiccup/crash.

The 530.30.02 release is buggy as hell -- AVOID at all costs.

525.89.02 occasionally had some problem -- never quite figured out what

525.85.05 worked without issue.

525.78.01 worked without issue.

Note: These drivers may require a more recent FreeBSD kernel release, thus a
quick kernel recompile may be required.

Hope this helps you.

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