[Bug 262969] NVMe - Resetting controller due to a timeout and possible hot unplug

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Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2022 15:58:42 UTC

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--- Comment #3 from Timothy Guo <firemeteor@users.sourceforge.net> ---
I have an WD SN570 1TB NVME drive which suddenly run into this controller reset
problem after about 2 months of active usage. Once this problem shows up it
reproduces on every reboot.

I'm still trying to confirm if this is an OS driver issue or disk issue.
The disk appears to behave differently on different OS. When I switched to
Linux, the same problematic disk appears to react to different APST config and
I was able to get it pass some short read-only tests (DD, disk-wide find, grep
in kernel tree etc.) with APST disabled. 
No matter if this observation is real or not, it encouraged me to switch back
to my FreeBSD box and try ZFS scrub. Unfortunately the disk fails terribly this
time and I couldn't even get it back to work in Linux as the drive appears to
get stuck in some low power state... Will try dig deeper to see if there is
anything I can do to get it back.

BTW, the SMART log does not report any error for this drive...

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