[Bug 165059] vtnet(4): Networking breaks with a router using virtio net driver on KVM host

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Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2022 22:13:14 UTC

--- Comment #28 from elico <ngtech1ltd@gmail.com> ---
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OK so just to mention the NAT related documents are at:

and ontop of Oracle Enterprise Linux 8 KVM host the issue exists on 12.3
the setup is very simple:
* Alpine 3.16 with ip gw DNS
* FreeBSD 12.3 with two interfaces: vtnet0 GW
 pf rules to nat on $ext_inf
* VyOS 1.3.2 with two interfaces: eth0 GW

ping from Alpine to via FreeBSD (NAT) -> VyOS (NAT) = works (ICMP_
wget from Alpine to via FreeBSD (NAT) -> VyOS (NAT) = doesn't work

When I am running the next on the vtnet0 and vtnet1 interfaces the TCP works:
ifconfig vtnet0 -rxcsum
ifconfig vtnet1 -rxcsum

It was resolved long ago in OpenBSD so now there only should be a fix and a

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