[Bug 257659] openssl should provide .pc files for pkg-config

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Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2022 11:13:19 UTC

Tomoaki AOKI <junchoon@dec.sakura.ne.jp> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Tomoaki AOKI <junchoon@dec.sakura.ne.jp> ---
(In reply to Matthias Andree from comment #0)
+1 for providing 3 *.pc files.

With latest update to security/tpm2-tss, it forcibly pulls in security/openssl
and causing some other ports depending on base openssl to fail.
See Bug 262569.

Adding 3 *.pc files, picked from stage directory of security/openssl with
partial modification, to /usr/libdata/pkgconfig and reverting partially solved
the issue.

Currently no idea where to store *.pc files under /usr/src and how to pick
them, I'll upload here the modified *.pc files later.

Candidates are:
  Put under /usr/src/secure/ and modify Makefile there for all 3 *.pc files.

    libcrypto.pc under /usr/src/secure/libcrypto/,
    libssl.pc under /usr/src/secure/libssl/,
    openssl.pc under /usr/src/secure/usr.bin/openssl/
  and modify each Makefile there.

Note that every supported releng/* branches would need different version
strings, while main, stable/13 and stable/12 are OK.

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