[Bug 262579] Framework Laptop: Mic input does not work

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2022 18:54:28 UTC

--- Comment #1 from Ed Maste <emaste@freebsd.org> ---
Aha, it is possible to record from /dev/dsp1 using the built-in mic.

Sound info from dmesg:

hdac0: <Intel Tiger Lake HDA Controller> mem
0x605d1c8000-0x605d1cbfff,0x605d000000-0x605d0fffff at device 31.3 on pci0
hdacc0: <Tempo 92HD95B HDA CODEC> at cad 0 on hdac0
hdaa0: <Tempo 92HD95B Audio Function Group> at nid 1 on hdacc0
pcm0: <Tempo 92HD95B (Analog)> at nid 13 and 11 on hdaa0
pcm1: <Tempo 92HD95B (Analog)> at nid 10 and 14 on hdaa0
hdacc1: <Intel Tiger Lake HDA CODEC> at cad 2 on hdac0
hdaa1: <Intel Tiger Lake Audio Function Group> at nid 1 on hdacc1
pcm2: <Intel Tiger Lake (HDMI/DP 8ch)> at nid 4 on hdaa1

92HD95B datasheet:

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