[Bug 261751] vt mouse pointer background display bug

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Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2022 05:58:56 UTC

Stefan B. <sblachmann@gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Stefan B. <sblachmann@gmail.com> ---
I have made a photo, sorry for the bad quality. I can make other photos or vbox
screenshots if needed for better quality.


Please zoom into the upper-left corner and look at the red box surrounding the
mouse cursor, below the letters "unk".
This can be reproduced on any program that uses dialog, for example bsdinstall.

The color background of all character boxes intersecting with the mouse cursor
is affected.
So the shape of the "red box" varies as you move the mouse, causing a
less-than-ideal first impression of FreeBSD.

I have not yet encountered any hardware on which this artifact does not happen.
With the SC console, I have never seen this.
So I am quite sure that it is not a hardware issue, but a vt newcons issue.

BTW, as you can see, ensuring functional suspend/resume by autoconfiguring the
"correct console to use" caused some substantial work for me while writing the
Skunk Installer.
It would be awesome if from some FreeBSD RELEASE version onward the Skunk
Installer would no longer have to revert the computer to using the SC console.

Thus I highly appreciate your work on fixing/improving vt newcons! Thank you
very much!

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