[Bug 262241] gpart(8) destroy: option -F seems to not effectively destroy all partitions in some situations

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Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2022 16:24:17 UTC

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--- Comment #1 from Ed Maste <emaste@freebsd.org> ---
Reproducible with md(4)

# gpart create -s MBR md0
md0 created
# gpart show md0
=>     9  262135  md0  MBR  (128M)
       9  262135       - free -  (128M)

# ls /dev/md0*
# gpart add -t freebsd md0
md0s1 added
# gpart show md0
=>     9  262135  md0  MBR  (128M)
       9  262135    1  freebsd  (128M)

# ls /dev/md0*
/dev/md0        /dev/md0s1      /dev/md0s1a
# gpart create -s BSD md0s1
gpart: geom 'md0s1': File exists

This doesn't seem like desired behaviour although I am not particularly
surprised by it, and I believe it does not contradict the man page. `gpart
destroy -F` does delete the partition(s) in the MBR scheme: that is md0s1.

At the very least the man page needs to be clear (if we do not change the

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