[Bug 261939] Kerberized NFS mount requires the gssd to be restarted

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Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2022 22:05:32 UTC

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Modify rc.d/gssd so that daemon starts after NETWORKING, kdc

Arno Tuber reported via email that he had to restart the gssd
daemon after booting, to get a Kerberized NFS mount to work.

When I did an rcorder in /etc/rc.d, I noticed that the gssd
would start before NETWORKING and the kdc. The latter would
only matter if the KDC is on the same machine, but the gssd
will need to use NETWORKING to communicate with the KDC.

This patch adds NETWORKING and kdc to the REQUIRE line in
/etc/rc.d/gssd so that the daemon starts later.

Hopefully Arno will be able to test this and report if it
fixes the problem for him?

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