[Bug 268186] Kerberos authentication fails with a Linux/FreeIPA KDC

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2022 03:30:36 UTC

--- Comment #39 from amendlik@gmail.com ---
(In reply to Cy Schubert from comment #38)

I never said I couldn't apply a patch, only that I had never done it before. I
also build my own ports, so I'm not sure why it's important that I'm a binary
package user. I'm open to try any suggestion. I am just having a very hard time
following the conversation because it's not clear to me how you are reaching
your conclusions.

My research shows that we need to use OpenSSH with GSSAPI to use service ticket
based-authentication. But I see you saying that we need to disable GSSAPI and
use PAM instead. I provided the documentation that says PAM is not what we
need, so it would be helpful if you could explain your thoughts on this or tell
me what I'm missing.

BTW, I have downloaded the source code and applied the patch. I still need to
figure out how to "activate" it, and the rest should be pretty easy.

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