[Bug 238733] kvm disk i/o extremely slow

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2022 11:39:57 UTC

--- Comment #6 from rainer@ultra-secure.de ---
I just tried with a the 14-current snapshot of 2022-12-01 and I get about
30MB/s with dc3dd wipe on a 100GB volume.

openstack image create "f14_1" --file
~/Downloads/FreeBSD-14.0-CURRENT-amd64.qcow2 --disk-format qcow2 --min-disk 10 
--min-ram 1024  --property hw_scsi_model=virtio-scsi  --property
hw_disk_bus=scsi --property hw_qemu_guest_agent=yes --property
os_distro=freebsd  --property os_admin_user=root  --property os_version="14.0"

Sadly, this has was one of the major reasons that FreeBSD does not have a
future here.

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