[Bug 256507] Apparent kernel memory leak in 12-STABLE/13.1-Release

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Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2022 00:53:53 UTC

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Output of sysctl vm hw

> Can you tell me all the major services that are running on the host? 

 - openvpn
 - unbound
 - openntpd
 - openssh_portable
 - dhcpd
 - node_exporter 
 - blackbox_exporter
 - a couple of minor perl daemons 

The -only- commonality with the other machine that has this issue (which
happens to be my package builder) is:  
  - openntpd
  - openssh_portable
  - node_exporter

> The page count from your first comment suggests this is a machine with 
> 16GB of memory, is that correct? 

Yes, however the other machine with this issue has 128GB of ram. 

> Can you provide the output of: sysctl vm hw

See attachment.

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