[Bug 265920] drm radeonkms doesn't work for DVI on RS780, RS880

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Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2022 07:51:49 UTC

Stefan Eßer <se@FreeBSD.org> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Stefan Eßer <se@FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to alomobeto277 from comment #0)

This appears to be identical to the issue I reported back in February 2022 (bug
#262043, https://github.com/freebsd/drm-kmod/issues/195).

This problem exists in drm-510-kmod, while drm-54-kmod used to work (but was
broken by the maintainer by API changes to linuxkpi in -CURRENT that were only
applied to drm-510-kmod and by declaring drm-54-kmod BROKEN on -CURRENT instead
of making it compatible with the changed linuxkpi).

lkpi_iic0: <LinuxKPI I2C> on drm3
iicbus0: <Philips I2C bus> on lkpi_iic0
iic0: <I2C generic I/O> on iicbus0
[drm] Radeon Display Connectors
[drm] Connector 0:
[drm]   VGA-1
[drm]   DDC: 0x7e40 0x7e40 0x7e44 0x7e44 0x7e48 0x7e48 0x7e4c 0x7e4c
[drm]   Encoders:
[drm] Connector 1:
[drm]   DVI-D-1
[drm]   HPD1
[drm]   DDC: 0x7e50 0x7e50 0x7e54 0x7e54 0x7e58 0x7e58 0x7e5c 0x7e5c
[drm]   Encoders:
[drm] Connector 2:
[drm]   DP-1
[drm]   HPD2
[drm]   DDC: 0x7e20 0x7e20 0x7e24 0x7e24 0x7e28 0x7e28 0x7e2c 0x7e2c
[drm]   Encoders:
drmn0: [drm] Cannot find any crtc or sizes

This shows that everything worked except the communication with the display in
that final step.

It is interesting that the DisplayPort connector could be used, I had only
tested HDMI, since this observation narrows down the search space!

I'm assigning this PR to Emmanuel Vadot, who last worked on these ports and who
decided to deprecate drm-54-kmod on -CURRENT instead of keeping it working for
users affected by this issue.

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