[Bug 264208] make install[kernel|world] from read only /usr/obj throws permission denied warnings.

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Date: Fri, 05 Aug 2022 03:53:06 UTC

Jamie Landeg-Jones <jamie@catflap.org> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Jamie Landeg-Jones <jamie@catflap.org> ---
Have you tried testing with a non-NFS directory that you also don't have write
access to?

I'm only asking because on one of my new 13.1 machines, I get this (/usr/obj is
a standard directory, writeable only by root) - it seems for some reason, make
is trying to open the directory with write access, and failing (When I do it as
root, it obviously works [until I block roots write acesss], but "make" in that
case doesn't even attempt to actually write/create anything)

I don't get this warning on 13.0 and earlier. So maybe, NFS isn't actually
related to the issue - more the fact that make is now trying to test writing to
its obj dir?

As a non-root user:

% cd /

% make -v HOME
make warning: /usr/obj/: Permission denied.

As root:

# cd

# pwd

# cd /

# make -v HOME

# chflags schg /usr/obj
/usr/obj: 00 -> 0400000

# make -v HOME
make warning: /usr/obj/: Operation not permitted.

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