[Bug 260628] FreeBSD 12.3-Release got stuck during the boot process after the update (maybe nsswitch issue?)

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Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2022 08:05:15 UTC

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--- Comment #6 from gerrit.kuehn@aei.mpg.de ---
I see exactly the same behaviour on my system after updating to 12.3. It worked
fine when booting just with the new kernel (coming from latest 12.2), but broke
after rebooting with the new userland installed.

A few more observations from my side:
This is definitely related to nsswitch/ldap relying on network resources. The
issue on my system clearly is that network is not fully up and working at the
time devd starts. I can set devd_enable="NO" in rc.conf, and the system will
just boot fine. devd can be started manually after the system is up with no

Another workaround I found is setting the network interface to "SYNCDHCP"
instead of static setup. This will cause the boot process to wait until
networking is online and the IP address has been obtained. devd will be started
after that step and runs up fine then. However, I don't know of a similar
switch for static ip setup, is there any?

The issue appears to be that static IP setup already happened, but the network
interface has not acquired its link yet. I see kernel messages on this around
devd startup, but apparently it is too late for whatever devd is trying to do
here. Strange enough, I cannot quit it with CTRL-C, it just sits there waiting
for something that obviously never happens.

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