[Bug 258777] System freezing for minutes when deleting a large file

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 18:48:23 UTC

--- Comment #2 from Zsolt <zsolty_szasz@yahoo.com> ---
I disabled trim: 

root@ryzen:/home/zsolt # tunefs -p /dev/nvd0p3
tunefs: POSIX.1e ACLs: (-a)                                disabled
tunefs: NFSv4 ACLs: (-N)                                   disabled
tunefs: MAC multilabel: (-l)                               disabled
tunefs: soft updates: (-n)                                 enabled
tunefs: soft update journaling: (-j)                       disabled
tunefs: gjournal: (-J)                                     disabled
tunefs: trim: (-t)                                         disabled
tunefs: maximum blocks per file in a cylinder group: (-e)  4096
tunefs: average file size: (-f)                            16384
tunefs: average number of files in a directory: (-s)       64
tunefs: minimum percentage of free space: (-m)             8%
tunefs: space to hold for metadata blocks: (-k)            6408
tunefs: optimization preference: (-o)                      time
tunefs: volume label: (-L)                                 root

I deleted some large files and system is not freezing with trim disabled.

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