[Bug 257314] FBSD 13 crash after some KDE parts crash supposing out of swap space

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Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2021 20:58:09 UTC

--- Comment #40 from Michael <michael.hmich@gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Graham Perrin from comment #38)
overseeing that solaris seems to answer this is one of the odds, second is this
weird message and third that is saying using zero instead, you see soon the
value was set ... 

this zfs is still a lot of Voodoo, thousand tunables which do not do so much
because i see a self-tuning mechanism here, the user just has to car about
having enough physical memory in the box and letting his hands in the pockets 
and everything  runs smooth and fast

the out of memory message is also misplaced because it shows up when you enter
a classic reboot (writing the word and entert)

anyway, just to remember Marc, I wasn't tuning my ZFS system, I was trying to
get my cache right, not the zfs cache, sooo a lot of idea exchange what is
good, now we are almost zfs specialists :) 

FYI I ha quite a moderate work day and I used this machine with only 8MB of
ram, and everything regarding zfs untouched and and it worked fine

so thanks for your help! 
I'm going to close this issue for now

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