[Bug 257314] FBSD 13 crash after some KDE parts crash supposing out of swap space

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Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2021 13:18:46 +0000

--- Comment #8 from Michael <michael.hmich_at_gmail.com> ---
I've read every comment and seems the most simple and effective try is Mark
Millard's hint


as you have seen that I created a MD swap partition because I had the initial
impression that Gimp wasn't working well with ARC, I set different min and max
sizes but nothing brought me anywhere as to the crash, I don't know if
disabling ARC would give me any advantage ...

I have som core.dumps, allmighty drkonki and from klauncher from such a crash,
unfortunately I have problems getting gimp debugging and create crash trace or

so if somebody can read these, here's the link



thank you all so far for the help

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