[Bug 255745] resume on T490 Thinkpad often broken after upgrade 12 -> 13

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Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 13:36:25 UTC

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I'm pretty sure it also affects me. I've got Thinkpad T480 (i7 8th gen) for a
couple of weeks and I'm figthing random resume failures from the start. FreeBSD
13.0-RELEASE from the start, so can't really tell if it worked on 12, but the
symptoms match.

Suspend / resume is working well for the most part, but every couple of cycles
it's impossible to resume the system. Screen stays completely off, the power
diode is blinking and clicking most of the buttons have no effect. Three
buttons have small indicator lights on them: Escape (FnLock), F1 (speakers off)
and Caps Lock. Clicking them turns that light on or off, and that's it. I can
only force-shutdown the computer by holding the power button, and then turn it
on again.

I tried changing some BIOS settings: disabled TPM, enabled USB power during low
power states and enabled power on / wake up on AC power. None of them changed
anything, although after changing the USB power behavior I had no issues for an
entire week, which shows just how randomly it behaves.

As for when it happens, I tried suspending / resuming a couple of times just
after turning the system on, and it always came back without problems. It
mostly happens when I leave it suspended overnight, however there were a couple
of times where I just left it suspended for five minutes after using it for
just a couple of hours and had the issue occur. Seems like time of usage is
having some impact on whether it will occur or not. After booting it again, the
last message in /var/log/messages is: thinkpad acpi[21212]: suspend at YYYYMMDD

I'm on zfs, drm-fbsd13-kmod and xorg with xf86-video-intel. acpi_ibm and
acpi_video are loaded. If there's a workaround, I'll be happy to test it

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