[Bug 260735] 1b33aa1f5f99e1270d526ffa5b652250ec80a7ef (amd64 UEFI loader: stop copying staging area to 2M physical) maybe not effective in some cases

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Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2021 03:06:31 UTC

--- Comment #4 from Graham Perrin <grahamperrin@gmail.com> ---
Thank you. 

I needed expert @freebsd.org eyes to summarise, and maybe read between the
lines, in this case (another forum user reporting "the exact same issue" at

(In reply to Ed Maste from comment #3)

> … the issue here is independent of the 2M staging copy, as the system 
> does boot correctly.

Now, I believe so. 

My current view of what was reported: 

* as FreeBSD-13.0-STABLE-amd64-20211125-354988ca3f9-248228-memstick did boot 
  in CSM on the ASUS Prime B560-Plus with 
  discrete NVIDIA graphics 

* so stable/13 should also boot with the ASUS Prime B560-Plus 
  in pure UEFI mode (more specifically: boot progress beyond 
  EFI framebuffer information appearing on screen)

  -- and if **beyond that point** there's a graphics-related issue 
     with either the iGPU or discrete NVIDIA, then it's 
     _not necessarily_ Bugzilla keyword 'uefi'; we should edit the 
     summary line appropriately; _not_ an edge case akin to bug 209821.

This assumes _not_ manually copying any boot-related file. 


At this point I should probably drop kib from the cc list, if I have the
Bugzilla privilege to do so. 

There's a little more, which I should keep separate from this comment …

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