[Bug 142434] [patch] Add cpuset(1) support to rc.subr(8)

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Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2021 18:46:22 UTC

--- Comment #8 from Miroslav Lachman <000.fbsd@quip.cz> ---
(In reply to Kyle Evans from comment #6)
I search the archives and found that I specifically asked the question about
"background-fskc" on freebsd-rc@ mailinglist prior to my first post with patch
to add cpuset support. But my question in unanswered 11 years.



----------- start of old post
bgfsck is the only one script using hyphen in the name and it is causing 
some problems with eval:

debug output for rc.d/bgfsck

+ eval '_chdir=$background-fsck_chdir' '_chroot=$background-fsck_chroot' 
'_nice=$background-fsck_nice' '_user=$background-fsck_user' 
'_group=$background-fsck_group' '_groups=$background-fsck_groups'
+ _chdir=-fsck_chdir _chroot=-fsck_chroot _nice=-fsck_nice 
_user=-fsck_user _group=-fsck_group _groups=-fsck_groups

debug output for rc.d/sshd

+ eval '_chdir=$sshd_chdir' '_chroot=$sshd_chroot' '_nice=$sshd_nice' 
'_user=$sshd_user' '_group=$sshd_group' '_groups=$sshd_groups'
+ _chdir='' _chroot='' _nice='' _user='' _group='' _groups=''

I think that variables should be empty in both cases. Am I wrong?
----------- end of old post

As you can see there were some "-fsck" values in paces where it should be

I think it is now fixed by renaming "background-fsck" to "background_fsck"

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