[Bug 256767] ifconfig(8) NOAUTO and rc.conf(5): untimely configuration (up) of a network interface when it should be down

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Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2021 02:03:02 UTC

--- Comment #12 from Mason Loring Bliss <mason@blisses.org> ---
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This patch appears to preserve NOAUTO behaviour.

This patch appears to preserve NOAUTO behaviour. I want to verify that the 
code that parses devd.conf is happy with the line continuation, although we 
see that style earlier in the file.

In network.subr the check is as follows:

        local _tmpargs _arg
        _tmpargs=`_ifconfig_getargs $1`

        for _arg in $_tmpargs; do
                case $_arg in
                        return 1

        return 0

As yet untested: What does sysrc do if an entry is simply missing?

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