[Bug 256767] ifconfig(8) NOAUTO and rc.conf(5): untimely configuration (up) of a network interface when it should be down

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Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2021 18:57:56 UTC

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--- Comment #4 from Mason Loring Bliss <mason@blisses.org> ---
I see a very similar issue.


    ifconfig_em0="NOAUTO DHCP"
    ifconfig_wlan0="NOAUTO WPA DHCP"

When I log into an X session, one of the things that happens is barrierc 
launches as a user process, and it sits in a window looping over failures 
because there is (correctly) no network. But then I notice it connecting, 
with ifconfig showing me a configured em0.

Racing the system for a test, I logged in and quickly said 'ifconfig' in a 
terminal, and saw no configured interfaces, but I then quickly said 'ps ax 
| grep dhc' and saw:

84491  -  R    0:00.01 /bin/sh /etc/rc.d/dhclient quietstart em0 (env)

...and shortly thereafter em0 was connected. And then, a bit later:

$ ps ax | grep dhc
13818  -  ICs  0:00.00 dhclient: em0 (dhclient)
89207  -  Is   0:00.00 dhclient: system.syslog (dhclient)
91789  -  Is   0:00.00 dhclient: em0 [priv] (dhclient)
58103 11  S+   0:00.00 grep dhc

I have yet to dig into what's launching the dhclient.

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