blued: version 0.2 released

From: Andreas Kempe <>
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2022 23:36:55 UTC
Hello everyone,

blued is a Bluetooth daemon that aims to provide simple management of
Bluetooth devices. For more information about the project, see my
earlier mail to this list titled "blued: bluetooth daemon - looking
for testers".

Version 0.2 of blued has been released. The big highlight of this
version is the addition of HID support directly in blued by
integrating bthidd code. A device paired using "bluecontrol pair $addr"
should now automatically be detected as a HID device and start working
without any extra configuration.

The HID integration means that the previous configuration script,, is now gone and bthidd needs to be disabled for blued
to function correctly.

In addition to the HID functionality, a port has been created to
simplify blued installation, although kernel patching is still
needed for the port to build and function correctly.

The port builds and installs blued and bluecontrol along with creating
a user and group for the deamon to run as, installing an RC script,
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/blued, and providing a default configuration under

The full change log can be found at [1] and the release can be
downloaded from [2]. The port along with installation instructions can
be found at [3].

Looking forward to getting feedback from anyone trying this out!
Andreas Kempe