U-Boot for HoneyComb LX2

From: Dmitry Salychev <dsl_at_mcusim.org>
Date: Mon, 31 May 2021 12:33:57 UTC

I'm working on three ports to compile BL2, BL31, BL32 and BL33 (u-boot)
bootloaders for HoneyComb LX2 in FreeBSD. They're based on what NXP shared in
their Layerscape SDK and patches from SolidRun [1].

I've managed to compile Reset Configuration Word (rcw), u-boot and ARM trusted
firmware (atf) and write them to one of the existing images shared by
SolidRun [2].

However, my HoneyComb LX2 is on a way to me and this is why I cannot try to
boot the resulted image on my own. I'm really interested how far it'll go, but
I don't expect anything beyond u-boot. Could somebody who has HoneyComb do me
a favor and try to boot that image of mine? It should work with DDR4-3200


If you want to take a look at the sysutils/rcw-lx2160acex7,
sysutils/u-boot-lx2160acex7 and sysutils/atf-lx2160acex7, here is the link:


Thanks in advance.


[1] https://github.com/SolidRun/lx2160a_build
[2] https://images.solid-run.com/LX2k/lx2160a_build/