Orange Pi support

From: John F Carr <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2021 14:25:09 UTC
It would be nice to have a support matrix showing Orange Pi models.  I made a list of models from the web site showing which SoC they use.  There are four model lines: AllWinner, Rockchip, RDA, and MediaTek.  I see there are u-boot packages for some AllWinner-based models.  I assume those work.  I see no support for MediaTek processors in the kernel so I assume they do not work.  I assume the RockChip-based models don't work but could be made to work because CPU support is already in there for Pine.  The RDA8810 seems to be an ancient single-core chip and maybe nobody cares.  Can anybody fill in the question marks in the list below?

Model	Works?	SoC

Zero	Y	AllWinner H2
Zero+	Y	AllWinner H5
Zero+2	?	AllWinner H3 or H5
Zero2	N?	AllWinner H616
ZeroLTS	?	AllWinner H2
One	Y	AllWinner H3
One+	?	AllWinner H6
3	?	AllWinner H6
R1	?	AllWinner H5
Prime	?	AllWinner H5
Win+	?	AllWinner A64
+2E	Y	AllWinner H3
PC	Y	AllWinner H3
PC+	Y	AllWinner H3
PC 2	Y	AllWinner H5
Lite	Y?	AllWinner H3
Lite 2	?	AllWinner H6

R1+	?	Rockchip RK3328
4	?	Rockchip RK3399
4B	?	Rockchip RK3399
RK3399	?	Rockchip RK3399

2G IoT	N	RDA8810
i96	N	RDA8810

3G IoT	N	MediaTek MT6572
4G IoT	N	MediaTek MT6737